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3 Quick Buyer Tips

3 Quick Buyer Tips

Tip 1 When you’re buying a home, there’s no denying that there’s a lot to think about, but that doesn’t…

What Our Clients Often Ask...

You will need to engage a conveyancer or solicitor to prepare what is called your “contract for sale”. This information tells a buyer all they need to know about your house and the land it sits on, in order to make a decision as to whether to buy it.

This generally costs around $2000. Most conveyancers requesting only a few hundred dollars upfront to allow for all searches to be conducted to assist in preparing the contract.

With your agent you generally won’t need to pay anything upfront to them personally, you will pay your agent their commission once the property has been sold and settled. There may be an option to pay for a marketing package upfront to list your property for sale. Some of these can vary from $1000 – $5000 and can be discussed with your agent.

This is a question we get asked all the time and to be honest it is a tricky one to answer. When you trust an agent and take their advice completely, usually you will find that the house sells reasonably swiftly as it most likely has been marketed properly and priced to suit today’s market.

Sometimes home sellers are seeking a certain price or “magic number” regardless of where the house might sit in the current market. When Sellers adopt this method the result can be many months of time on the market, with sadly very little time actually in it!

Once a house sale has been signed by both vendor and buyer it generally takes 42 days to settle. This is a standard settlement. However, settlements can be negotiated to be shorter or longer depending on the vendor and buyer’s circumstances. Settlements are rarely shorter than 28 days and rarely longer than 90 days.

A common myth about real estate is that spring is the perfect time to sell. To be honest, Spring is just a lovely time of year- the weather is warming up and the gardens are in full bloom. While this makes the home look lovely, the market conditions can be at their strongest at any given time in the year! Quite often Springtime is when a lot of us put our home on the market and it can actually make selling more difficult as there is more supply for the demand.

Our answer is simply to sell when you feel you are ready to move!

This one is the most common question we get asked and the answer requires some listening first! We can always help find a solution to this question but it is only after a thorough review of your personal circumstances.

I think it is always preferred to know what you have in your wallet before spending it on a new home, but sometimes this isn’t always practical. Get in touch with us when you are thinking this question and we can take an x-ray of your situation and make a sensible strategy to move ahead with your plans!

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I started out in real estate when I was 18, I had always held a passion for the industry and loved meeting and talking with people in my local area. I wanted to be able to provide people with probably the most sought-after item any person can want in their life, the great Australian dream, their own home!

I started as most do in real estate cold prospecting through phone calls and door knocking, often with very little return for the days work! however, I really enjoyed being able to build rapport and being able to connect with people, this enjoyment turned into a passion and thus lead me to where we are today.

I continued to train under some very prominent and well-known agents in the area and although I learned a lot, I also had a growing desire to do things differently, to be a little left of centre. So, in 2014, I decided that instead of being a good agent for someone else, I would start Murray Kennedy Real Estate and try to find the elements in real estate that most had lost sight of or hadn’t even thought of.

I opened the doors with a team of 4, and today we have an amazing team of 10. Our sales team consists of Myself, Jamie, Rebecca and the three boys Corey, Bailey and Elijah. The property management team of Lyn and Kim and our office manager Joanne who helps with just about everything and keep us Sailing in the right direction. Our additional team members are Emma and Alarnis, keeping everyone including other local businesses and their staff caffeinated and energised. Each and every member shares a similar passion for helping people and really love going the extra mile for each and every one of our clients.

So why do we call ourselves “Your best mate in real estate” No, it is not just a clever marketing tool. Like a true best mate, we are there to listen, provide guidance, have a laugh, and to support you. Selling and/or buying a house is statistically one of the most stressful things you can do and it is for this reason that we really enjoy our jobs!

With over 18 years of real estate experience under my belt, I hold claim to being a true local, I eat, breathe and sleep in the Macarthur region and I understand the in’s and out’s better than most. The Macarthur region has been exploding with opportunity, development, and has become a hub for young families and many amazing businesses, it is a gateway to the new aerotropolis and is central to both our nation’s capital and the CBD so it will continue to provide growth and stability for years to come. Needless to say, our local knowledge is next level and our team is hungry, not just to sell properties, however, to provide you with your dream home, your next investment, or the next item ticked off your bucket list.

Any real estate can buy and sell you a property, at Murray Kennedy, we do things differently, and it’s not something we can tell you about, not because we don’t want to, rather, we want you to see it for yourself! Our previous clients say it better than we ever could. Sarah Hains said “Murray Kennedy literally found us our dream home. Murray invited us to an open house that we had not even seen online, we had completely overlooked it. If it was not for Murray, I would not be sitting in our new living room typing this review.” Sarah continued to say “Murray’s professional yet friendly and down to earth persona allowed us, two first home buyers, to feel relaxed with the overwhelming processes of looking for and buying a home.”

We could spend line after line telling you that we are awesome or better yet that we will get you thousands more in your sale, the truth is though we would rather let our reputation speak for itself! We are a young, energetic, passionate team and we will always go the extra mile, not just for you, but because we love what we do!

Unlike other agents, we “make time” for you!


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Hi, I’m Murray and I’ve been doing real estate since I was 18 and only ever in this area. I love meeting people and I am thrilled that the people I help sell and buy become life long friends. This truly is the best job in the world and I am so glad I get to do it every day!

When I am not an agent, I am a loving partner and father, a mad Wests Tigers fanatic, a true cricket tragic. I play hockey in winter at Narellan, play guitar, and try to sing a bit- and I know my way around a bbq!

After working as a Practice Manager for a local orthodontist for 17 years, I was given the opportunity 6 years ago, to join Murray in an exciting new venture, starting up his own real estate. I had no experience in the real estate industry, other than personally, but I have enjoyed this journey and watching our shop grow from strength to strength. 
So, I think of myself as a part of the furniture here at MKRE, supportive, comfortable, and here to help where needed. I’m the everything person, office manager, “accountant”, IT tech and “mum”, who gets things done behind the scenes, to make life a little easier for the rest of the team.
Outside of MKRE, I have been married to Gary for over 43 years, mum to 2 daughters and Nanna to 4…and I just love this life of mine
I grew up in Raby my whole life, went to the local school Robert Townson primary and high school. After school, I did my trade as a plasterer which I did for 16 years.
I have always had a lot of interest in real estate and I was considering getting into it for a number of years. I and Murray went to school together so I was always asking him about me starting a career in real estate. I did it three years ago and have not looked back. I take an honest, hard-working, and knock out approach.
I try to help not just with the sale but with getting your home ready for sale so you can achieve the best price and walk away with the most money in your pocket. With my trade background, I physically help if needed and am willing to get my hands dirty like, mowing lawns, fixing cracks in the plasterboard and if I can’t fix it my self I have friends in all different trades that I can call on to help out.

I’m not the typical fast-talking agent and if you get me out to have a chat about how I could help you will see that I generally care and only want the best for you, whether that is selling or not.
I worked in real estate 22 years ago as a weekend receptionist prior to starting my family. Being a stay at home mother for 13 years, I decided to join the workforce in retail which I thoroughly enjoyed for 9 years. When Covid19 hit I changed careers looking for security and a challenge.
I’ve always enjoyed customer service and helping people, so now in Property Management, I get to meet people who are looking for a house to call their home. Bringing smiles to people’s faces once they have been approved gives me a lot of satisfaction. 
The team at MKRE are a fantastic bunch and I feel so terribly lucky to work with such genuine people. 
We all have the same goal.. customer service. Thanks for this opportunity to say “Hi”

My name is Elijah, I started my career in real-estate with a passion for sales and working with people. I joined MKRE because of the values and the opportunities in the business. 

MKRE really does stand out from the other agents in the area!

I started my real estate journey as a fresh-faced 19-year-old weekend receptionist and quickly transitioned to full-time the following year with experience in Property Management, Sales, and as a personal assistant to the Principal. After 17 years, it was time to move on, and over the following years, I gained experience in major franchise agencies, sometimes managing over 700 properties and a property management team.
In 2007, I was awarded Property Manager of the Year, and this is something I am quite proud of. 3 1/2 years ago, I joined the MKRE team, to be able to work closer to home and care for my elderly mum. 4 decades in real estate, and I have found my home here, a family focussed business where I can use my skills and experience to help grow MKRE to a new level. 

Hi, my name’s Bailey and after leaving school I chose to further my education by getting higher qualifications. After my studying was complete I landed in a few meantime jobs trying to find my feet but at the same time always having a passion for real estate. While at one of my previous jobs I had the opportunity to take a job working here at Murray Kennedy Real Estate and I didn’t think twice and took this job in a heartbeat.

I couldn’t be happier working here with a driven, honest, and hardworking team. 

When not working I enjoy playing and watching basketball and socialising with friends.

I have been in Customer Service for the good part of 10 years, I enjoy helping people, so this job is perfect for me, I love being able to help people find their dream home.
I also enjoy helping Murray and Jamie with the day to day inquiries about home’s that they have on the Market.
When I am not at work, I love being at home with my kids, spend family time, and enjoy going on my daily walk with my dogs.

I entered the Real Estate profession in early 2020 and have resided throughout the Macarthur region my entire life. After a few different career paths since leaving high school, I decided to get into Real Estate as my goal is to be able to help people find their dream home while also wanting to make the transition as easy as possible for clients in an honest and trusting manner.

When I’m not working, my spare time consists of friends & family, sports/fitness, drone photography, and recording music.